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Billboard: Headism in New Orleans, USA

From 30th January - 29th February a billboard featuring 3 images from the Headism project will be shown in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. If you're in New Orleans, snap a photo for me and send it over!

Click here for the press release.

From Art Below:
Art Below are proud to announce their first "pop up" billboard show in America, running throughout February in New Orleans, bringing local and international artists together and enhancing the citys unique cityscape with even more color during the most festive time of the year, Mardi Gras.

Billboard space used normally for advertising will feature a mix of urban and contemporary art with a diverse range of techniques and influences. A curated selection of 20 billboards flanking the major Mardi Gras parade routes including the famed "Zulu" parade will feature works by artists including Inkie, Art Wars and Philip Levine, as well as New Orleans based artists Sarah Ashley Longshore, Dave Rhodes and street photographer Zack Smith.

Running alongside the billboard show is an exhibition of the artists original works at Gallery Orange based in the heart of the French quater, with a launch event on the 3rd February and a Mardi Gras style party on the 18th February. Artists from all over the world including Swedish borne Johan Wahlstrom, Inkie, (Bristol UK), Mario Denotti (Italian), Everton Wright (London, UK) Alejandro Mos Riera (Spain) and Pam Phillipo (UK) are making their way out to New Orleans for the first time to see their work in situ and join in the celebrations of the worlds biggest party. Scenes and moments from this epic trip by this eclectic group of creative adventurers will be captured and made into a short film to be screened on the Art Below web site in April 2012.

Click the map below to see the location:

S Broad St. between Tulane & Gravier, New Orleans
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My friends live in NOLA! I will ask them to keep a look out for you! S x
thanks :)