November 20th, 2008

weekend away

(I thought it was weird that I walked into a room in the asylum and the page was open on 'DANIEL', which is obviously my name.)

I am really excited about this weekend. I normally don't like going back to where my mother lives, but I know that she is preparing lots of yummy food which is enticing. We (Saul & I) are heading off on Saturday evening to be greeted with a scrummy roast dinner and hopefully some rum! I can't wait to just be out of Brighton and in a different place. I can't wait to see the Princess Bed and spend time with two people that I love and just be warm and cosy. I'm looking forward to walking through the forest with Saul, stealing kisses and taking photos. On Sunday we're going to Bradwell to satisfy Saul's obsession with strange power stations (see here). I'm sure it'll be very beautiful, as was Dungeness.

Well if you are (what you love)
And you do (what you love)
I will always be the sun and moon to you
And if you share (with your heart)
Yeah, you give (with your heart)
What you share with the world is what it keeps of you
-- Noah & The Whale