November 13th, 2008

Rob Dobi

I find Rob Dobi's images very inspiring. He's been visiting abandoned buildings and shooting a lot of beautiful work, this being one of my favourites. There's something about the amount of layers in the image. Have a look through his site.

© Rob Dobi

even as a child i questioned the significance of
abandoned buildings and the stories they could tell by
simply walking through them and seeing what is left,
or more importantly, what isn't.

due to years of neglect, these sites have typically become
eyesores for those who pass by them everyday. what
remains inside tells a different story altogether.

whether it be industrial or insitutional each doorway within
is another opening to the past, behind each one a unique
story is told. each stairwell leads to another chapter.

I find as a photographer I am able to give these abandoned
structures a second life of sorts, preserving them in a picture
for others to see and interpret their history for themselves.

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I totally can't seem to get into Flickr. I just find it so confusing. What exactly are the benefits of it? I just feel so overwhelmed all the time! How do I find decent photographers? What are your usernames on there?

I'm boyrobot.

Help? I'm sure I can crack this one eventually, with a little help...


I stupidly lost all of my blog bookmarks when I installed Chrome and uninstalled Safari (I am obsessed with deleting things!). I had a healthy supply of inspiring photoblogs.. Would you all be so kind to share some of your favourites? If you're on my list, you obviously know what kind of photography I like. Go on, share with me! Help me build my bookmarks back up again...

Come on now...

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Oh no! Now I'm totally overwhelmed by how amazing other photographers are and feel like I am so shit! God damnit! I can't win with all this inspiration malarkey.