November 12th, 2008

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Saul in an abandoned hospital.

Last Thursday I had the great pleasure of seeing Noah & The Whale (again). I hadn't been to KOKO before, God knows why, but it really is such a beautiful venue. The support was pretty awful (sorry!) but NATW were amazing. I knew as soon as Rocks & Daggers came on that I would get that intense swelling feeling in my chest with emotion and suddenly I felt like I was going to cry. My palms got all sweaty and I spent the whole song (and many of the others) with goosebumps. It was topped off by being with such wonderful people (Kt, Row, Occy).

Last night I went back to London again to see Laura Marling. I had been waiting for that night for months, and although I have already seen her a handful of times I knew that she would be performing some newer songs (especially Alpha Shallows which is on the new Night Terror EP) which I was bursting to hear. I am not really keen on The Scala as a music venue, but I think it worked well for her. Pretty much like with Noah, I knew that certain songs were going to just crush me. I had been feeling pretty fragile all day and as soon as Ghosts started, as well as Blackberry Stone, I thought I would explode with emotion. My eyes welled up and my heart started racing too fast and I remembered everything from the summer just gone and felt a little dizzy.

Incidentally there is a small interview with Laura Marling here.

Anyway. So I have been acquiring a few new albums lately to keep me going. Here we go:

bleak interiors

I am really into photographing bleak interiors lately. This is one of my favourites of late. I think it's the reflection of the window frame in the background..