November 5th, 2008

Gladys the typewriter

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Lewes I bought a 1930s typewriter. I had been looking for one for quite a while. I used to use my old flatmate's to type up my journal entries and letters to people (I am not all that keen on using pen to paper, I find I can't catch up with my brain quick enough). We were wandering a lovely flea market and I spotted it for £29 and snapped it up. She's in such great condition. I decided to call her Gladys after my granny. I enjoy writing my journal entries and sticking them in each day.. it's very refreshing.

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Ah, even my Golliwogs enjoy a good adventure! Some could say I have a slight Golliwog obsession.. I now own six of them (one happens to be 3ft tall!), as well as shoelaces that say "I LOVE GOLLY" on them, and a cute little golliwog brooch (thanks KT). Anyway, so it's now customary to take one of the little gems with on us when we're shooting.. Look at how Black Booty (as I like to call him) just blends into the scenery...

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I've just finished preparing some yummy lime & wasabi salmon fillets (a la this recipe). Lauren & Spencer are coming over for dinner, then some other ladies are heading over to have a bonfire on the beach. I have never lit a fire before so I hope that logs and firelighters are the only requirements. Still, I have rum. But I'm not willing to pour that on the fire, obviously. It's strictly to warm my cockles as they say.

So! Let the fire begin. Oh yeah, have a good Bonfire night (link for all the non-English people reading)!