October 28th, 2008

bodies & zombies & saul & sex etc.

I am really rather fed up with my body at the moment. Every now and again it just seems to give up on me and I have an onslaught of irritating physical fuckups that just leave me feeling like a complete spastic. Almost three weeks ago I woke up one morning and noticed that I couldn't hear properly. I thought that perhaps my computer was just playing music at a low volume, but then it stayed like that all day. In my left ear it's like I have about 80% hearing, and in the right ear I have a constant humming/buzzing noise that just does not fucking stop. At first it was incredibly irritating but I am slowly getting used to it, acting like an old man and constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves. This, coupled with the fact that my phone speaker was broken, meant that talking on the phone was near impossible as I felt like I was talking to a deformed mouse. I now have a new phone, but sans new matching ears. I have been to the doctor twice who keeps telling me to leave it for another week. I don't even own an MP3 player or similar that could be damaging my ears so it's all a bit of a very fucking irritating mystery. Then since the real cold settled in I am having the most intense pain in my left wrist which now means that I can't put pressure on it, clench my fist, generally use it for any practical purposes. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I need to take my raggedy body in for an upgrade. Or better yet, just get a whole new one.

Things are still going swimmingly with Saul. Last night he came over for dinner and we had salmon fillets covered in sweet red pepper sauce with rice. We shared a bottle of wine and canoodled under the blanket watching god awful TV, before retiring to the boudoir for sex fun and broken sleep. Both of us have really hard times sleeping so night time is generally a bit of a shambles. He finds it difficult to sleep with someone in the bed, and I find it difficult to sleep full stop (unless medicated!) Still, it makes for nice impromptu sleepless-night-sex, despite him being a zombie (!) for most of the next day. When he left this morning for work I whined like a little brat that he shouldn't have to leave, before promptly rolling onto his side of the bed to smell the bedsheets (just his skin smells so goddamn nice) and blissfully falling back to sleep. I had spoken about zombies so much yesterday, mostly due to our designing of zombie cheerleader outfits for this weekend's zombie walk, that I had a really disturbing (and frightening) zombie inspired nightmare last night. Nightmares, I do not enjoy.

Tomorrow my mother is visiting. I had forgot that I had asked G to spend the evening with me making pumpkins. I have never carved a pumpkin before and I'm very excited. I haven't quite decided on my pumpkin face yet - something hopelessly glamorous but deformed (knowing my skills in arts & crafts). We are also having rum punch. I say rum punch, but I mean I am going to make a concoction of rum, vodka, brandy, fruit juice and cherry lambrini (don't judge). I am hoping that we can go slack on the fruit juice as my idea of a drink is definitely something with that punch. My mother is cooking ackee & saltfish for Saul and I (who enjoy the spice), and her divine chicken soup for the other party attendees. She's even bringing the yapping pooches, so we'll have a full house. So far on our halloween drunken craft evening we have planned to watch Hocus Pocus, Drop Dead Fred (!), House of Wax and The Exorcist. How deliciously child-like, awful, and frightfully funny. Anyone have a good recipe for pumpkin soup?

On Friday night I am attending a halloween house party with Saul. He's going as a dead tory MP. I have decided to go as an über sexy secretary, with mild deformities & diseases. Corsetry, very high heels, and sexy specs shall be involved. And you all know I can pull of looking like a damn fine lady, such as below:

Saturday. Well, Saturday we are having our deformed Zombie Walk (Beach Of The Dead II), which sees us as sexy slutty zombie cheerleaders (why is my skirt always the shortest, I wonder?). I spent today in arts & crafts mode, fuelled by fish & chips, helping make Saul's rather dashing velour cheerleader coach outfit (we are apparently from Sweet Fanny Highschool.)

Now I am going to indulge in an episode of Brothers & Sisters (I know, I know), then perhaps watch Fur, because it was rather good the first time round. I leave you with a nice photo of Eva and I.