October 20th, 2008

stuck to you

I'm really loving Nikka Costa's new album, Pebble To A Pearl, in particular the first track Stuck To You. I'm sure you can work out who I keep thinking about when it comes to the lyrics...

If you a star
I be your milky way
If you a bar
I drink up everyday
If you the town
I be the talk
If you the talk
I be the walk

If you wanna dig
I be your gold baby
If you wanna live
I be your old age
You be the time
I be the clock
You be the tick
I be the tock

If you wanna race
I run like crazy
If you wanna ride
I drive ya daily
If you a beach
I be the sand
You wanna give
I be your hand

If you a case
I be a jury
If you a sin
I be your mercy
If you a beat
I be the moves
If you a tree
I be the roots

If you made
For walkin'
I be your boots

If you a bride
I be your wedding
If you a soul
I be
Your Otis Redding
If you a verse
I be your song
If you a king
I be your kong