October 5th, 2008

Saul etc

Spent the last two nights in bed with Saul who is, I think, the most affectionate person I have ever met. I was supposed to meet him last night (Saturday) for a 'date' but ended up bumping into him at Ghetto (when I should have been in bed!) After chatting a lot we moved on to various other bars and I thought that he would have gone home, but he tagged along, then came home with us to stay up all night watching ridiculous comedy. He ended up staying over and it was so nice to lie in bed with a hot, affectionate, passionate person. We ended up lying in bed for so long. Then last night he came over for dinner - I remembered that he said he loved tuna steaks, so we had tuna steaks, garlic new potatos and rocket salad. Delicious. My recent insomnia (I'd been awake since Wednesday) meant that I was quite fatigued, so we lazily watched French & Saunders DVDs etc whilst being so cuddly that I thought I might eventually become absorbed into his skin. In short: it was fucking wonderful. Hurrah!


Here's some shots from the Isle of Wight. When we arrived (we caught the 4:30am ferry) it was absolute thick mist. We could barely see where we were going. Driving on a ridge over some fields I saw some beautiful rolling mist and we decided to hop out to shoot some stuff. Row had a gorgeous dress with her and, although very damp, we all jigged around in the mist! A very strange experience...

Look at the beautiful mist!

Has anyone seen any good films lately? I really want to see Wristcutters. In fact, I'd like to go to the cinema. But there rarely seems to be anything interesting on..

body drawing

I really love people drawing all over my body. I find it very relaxing and various people seem to have doodled on me, first back in 2000 or so when E wrote the words "The only words I know are MORE MORE and MORE" all over my back (lyrics from Le Tigre). Anyway, the other week A & R decided to draw flowers on me and a nice butterfly (I hadn't slept for a few days and it was a nice way to relax).