September 2nd, 2008

saturday adventure

On Friday night we ordered chinese and sat watching TV. I was feeling restless and although I was tired my mind was wide-awake and I didn't want to risk sleep as I was waiting for Kt & Sadie to come over for our photo-adventure. After they finished their drag show (2am) we (Kt, Sadie, Georgie B, Alick & I) hopped in the car (3am) and started off our epic Saturday morning adventure! Kt found some beautiful ruins online in Oxfordshire so we made our way there for a 6am sunrise. Everyone was feeling jolly (particularly myself!) and we had a funny journey, whizzing down dark roads, country lanes and discovering drunk men asleep in the road at 5am. The ruins were so beautiful, situated next to an old church and a beautiful graveyard, as well as a river nearby. Took some great photos and generally pranced around in ridiculous outfits at 6am, watching the cloudy sunrise and sporadically whipping off clothes and climbing the old ruins. It was such a great, carefree morning. It felt so good just being surrounded by some of my favourite people, doing what I love to do (take photographs) and generally getting away from Brighton.

Our next stop was West Park mental asylum. Although I have been there a few times before (with E) it was still so beautiful. The day was so bright and warm and we sneaked in and out of beautiful old rooms with the paint peeling off. Although none of us had slept in so long we were all in such a good mood, soaking in the beauty of these strange surroundings. It was so great spending more time with KT especially as our friendship seems to be getting stronger and stronger. I am so lucky to have these people in my life that have so much to offer and are open to such experiences.

On the drive home everyone but Kt & I nodded off and we sat staring out of the window before stopping off to buy dinner supplies.. Duck, potatoes and cauliflower cheese. My favourite! Mmmm. So a nice dinner to polish off the evening before I headed out with A to his brother's graduation party etc..

This was us at 7am, all in our lovely dress-up clothes:

Kt on the ruins:

Grumpy clown:

Clown shoes:

I'll post more when I'm finished editing.. :)