May 11th, 2008

Today's shoot

Such a long day today. After maybe a few drinks too many at a mini exhibition celebration, I gathered my raggedy self to Shoreham to borrow some equipment from the ever generous Doug. We (the extreme picnickers) had organised a shoot for Georgios' final fashion collection. Of course we had a vague idea where the derelict building was, but not much in the way of a map or specific directions. After much driving around in a roasting hot car (being sat in the boot is just no fun!) we eventually found where we'd researched, but also found that there was absolutely no way of entering. It really irritates me when places have great security! They are ruining my opportunity to create fantastic art - how selfish. Feeling a little despondent we went for yet another drive and found a fantastic abandoned warehouse. Perfect-o! Shot lots of good stuff.

We also had two randoms with us that we'd never met before. Ah the wonders of random encounters. Georgios grabbed Matt (photos coming soon) from the Hugo Boss shop, and Georgia was snagged from the tinternet. Both absolutely beautiful and wonderful people. It's so lovely when it all comes together. Anyway, here's a photo of the very pretty Georgia.