April 2nd, 2008

spring cleaning

Today was lovely. After waking up with a rather evil hangover (why oh why can I not drink in moderation?!) and going for a brisk walk, KT & I treated ourselves to some epic gourmet burgers (or buggers as we call them, courtesy of GBK) and randomly ended up moving my room around and having a good old clear out. I finally decided to part with some god awful clothes I’ve had since I was about sixteen, lots of other random items, and had a general clean up. We shifted the furniture around and it actually feels more.. zen. I feel like I have a desk I can actually work on now (it’s usually covered in random pieces of paper) and the room feels much bigger. We also put some work up on my walls and it feels so homely and all mine! I like being nosey and seeing other people’s rooms, so I thought I’d post some photos of mine now:

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