February 18th, 2008

torture garden

Weee! In 24 hours I'll be soaking up some Italian culture in Rome. I am so so so excited, although not as excited as Hilton who has made a slightly obsessive itinerary and is probably going to wet himself when the plane takes off, given that he's not been on one for about ten years. He will, of course, be claiming the golden Window Seat. I'm really looking forward to meeting Simona's family (including Osso the dog) and being spoilt with deliciously yummy food. And then of course there will be the obligatory sight-seeing (scoff) and hopefully some quieter more secluded places for me to shoot. This is also mine and Hilton's first holiday together (ooh ahh!) so it's all very thrilling.

Had a rather nice weekend. Had a job interview late afternoon on Friday - not sure where that's going, but then was back in London on Saturday for much debauchery. Had a quick wander around Camden with Eva seeking larger-than-life eyelashes and a few tidbits for our outfits for Torture Garden. Then we popped along to see the wonderful Tyrone and battled strange first year uni students for some privacy whilst I got body painted in bright red with beautiful black hearts. Stripey tights, stripey skirt (well I say skirt but it was more like a belt), glowing body! I must say I looked rather dashing. Eva looked beautiful with her ivory underbust corset, poofy red petticoat, and rather dashing fur. The tube journey was rather odd as passengers decided to take photos, and make little videos of me uh, just talking. Christ, people, have you never seen someone off to a fetish night?! It was a really great night and lovely to spend some one-on-one time just with Eva. And lots of dancing did ensue..

Today, however, was slightly less fun. As I was getting changed after leaving the club (into some suitable attire) I realised that I had left my normal shoes (I was wearing some big ol' black sparkly boots like these ones - we seem to be collecting a lot of these shoes in my house) at Tyrone's house. Cue utter devastation at the thought of having to travel back to Brighton, on a Sunday service, in some ten inch sparkly platforms boots whilst hungover. I started to cry! I have now had three showers trying to remove the red stains from my body (still no luck). I accidentally ruined someone's towel (what kind of person allows me to shower with a white towel?!) and had to steal a stranger's shoes that were at least two sizes too small just so I didn't look like a weirdo on the journey home. Alas, today has been a little stressful. Sadly I couldn't fit my camera in my bag so I didn't take any photos, but here's the underbust corset that Eva was wearing (my my she is so so so pretty!)