February 10th, 2008

Birthday, fires & filthiness!

A couple of days of broken sleep deprivation can send a person crazy. Despite feeling physically exhausted (all my own fault - birthday celebrations a go go) I can't seem to just sit, concentrate, or even attempt sleep. I find myself perusing vast amounts of photography websites searching for inspiration, given that my creative mind has been slightly desolate of late. In these moments I desperately crave valium.

My birthday was in general.. great! It had moments of ups and downs, but I enjoyed the company in which I spent it and the various events that took place. On my actual birthday I was spoiled with chicken and sushi, beautiful gifts (notebooks galore!) and the beautiful presence of Hilton and those that make me feel that life is great. We had lots to drink, an absolutely delicious tapas meal, and then went for a late night boogie. On Friday I woke up slightly dishevelled and rushed off to London to meet that beautiful girl called Eva, and was absolutely spoilt with delicious seafood cooked by Leo. It was a really great relaxing afternoon spent giggling in the kitchen, drinking wine, and roaring with laughter at very silly YouTube videos (namely this one - which still gets me every time). We didn't stay out long after having a quick drink in Leo's local, then making our way back to Eva's Mama's house to be spoilt with yet more yummy food and a well deserved few hours sleep. Saturday afternoon was spent lazing with bad television, a few naps, and then making our way to The Purple Turtle in Camden for The Festival of Sins. As we walked down to Camden from Mornington Crescent we witnessed huge clouds of smoke and glowing orange flames high in the sky. Sensing that something was terribly wrong we made our way towards the God awful inferno that had taken over part of Camden's markets, watching the many shades of orange lick up at the sky, consuming buildings with a rapid rate. The atmosphere was devastating as hundreds of people on the streets looked on in astonishment whilst fire fighters aimed weak water torrents at the flames, seemingly struggling to keep it under control. We watched as roof upon roof set ablaze and devastation swamped through this corner of town. I, of course, had my camera with me and spent most of the time trying to capture a decent image whilst being a little overwhelmed. It was an odd atmosphere. A real sense of camaraderie became apparent as people would greet each other, ask if they were OK, and show an interest of concern for another's well-being. We thought it was sad that it really does take something so tragic for British people to acknowledge each other without the constant underlying sense of suspicion one seems to notice when a stranger greets you. Here are some photos:

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Eventually we did make it to The Purple Turtle feeling highly under dressed (we'd left earlier in the evening and chose not to wander around in corsets and and hot pants etc - Eva in the corset, of course!) and a little baffled. A few hours later and we had both perked up, spending some great time with KT & Roger who were working as stilt-walking green gimps (naturally). It was the perfect way to end a three celebration of my birthday, driving home in the car a little merry in such wonderful company. I crawled into bed with Hilton at 4am and fell asleep in his arms, feeling very pleased to have someone to come home to. Some photos from Festival of Sins:

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Now it's just Italy and Devon to wait for. One week 'til Rome! I am so excited!