February 2nd, 2008


(Just out bowling...)

Hurrah, it's my birthday next Thursday. I don't usually have much to get excited over as I generally don't go away, and I rarely cultivate a list of presents as long as my arm for people to buy, given that I do genuinely prefer good company on days like this than a wealth of last-minute presents. However, this year I have a few things to really look forward to thanks to the special (and I mean real special people, not special needs) people in my life. Firstly, Mama has paid for my air ticket to jet-set off to Rome for four days later on this month. Simona was planning on going back to see her husband's art exhibition, so Hilton & I shall be tagging along trying to squeeze in as much sight-seeing and exploring of glorious Rome as possible. I am almost making a naughty mess in my pants with sheer excitement. Any suggestions?

Secondly myself and thirteen friends are hiring a converted barn in Devon for four days in March. This is in aid of both mine and my housemate's birthday (his is the day after mine). We have been meaning to have a little mini-break forever and although we're squeezing fourteen of us in a barn that sleeps eight, I'm sure we'll still manage to have a good time (sleep will be at an enforced minimum). I am so so so so excited already! I find myself having dreams of desolate spring beaches and models in latex.. Cannot think of anything more perfect.

I'll also be going to Torture Garden for their valentine's theme which is most exciting. Must find something to wear.. Or in my case find less clothes to wear, as it always seems to happen.

Other than that I am really hoping I get Laura Marling's Songbox (although if I want to go to the gig I will have to travel all the way to Birmingham, the day before I set off to Devon, arghhh). Also really hoping I get some euros so that I can actually afford to eat in Italy. And notebooks - can't go wrong with sketchbooks and notebooks. Oh and a wireless trigger for my flashgun. But yes yes, other than that, just good company, honest! I think on the evening of my birthday I'll just be going for some quiet tapas.