January 25th, 2008


Not quite on to solid foods yet, but then it doesn't matter when you have super homemade Italian soup made for you. Delicious. Hilton got up nice and early this morning (much to my confusion) to see if he could sneakily book us tickets to see Portishead on their new tour for my birthday. Not surprisingly they were sold out within half an hour or so, leaving us mere mortals ticketless. I've wanted to see them (or even Beth Gibbons solo) for so long. Shame. I wonder whether their next album will be a success given it's been nine years since their last release. Still, with a voice like Beth's it's really quite hard to go wrong. Goldfrapp are also touring but I've already seen them quite a few times and given that I am not that keen on their latest album, Seventh Tree, I don't feel that bothered about seeing them again. It's not that I dislike the album, but I just can't seem to get into it. With Felt Mountain it had this eerie sexuality about it, and then the oomph! of both Black Cherry and Supernature, but this one.. feels flat, a little disappointing. Perhaps I just need to give it a little more of a listen to. Talking of music, after watching Juno last night, I've been rekindling my love for chipper low-fi Kimya Dawson. The film's pretty good too. Made me feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside (aww).