January 24th, 2008


I've been feeling strangely creative lately, which in general does cause me to feel a little happier. It's a great feeling of accomplishment noting down fleeting ideas and seeing them through to the final result. Some do not manifest into the image I had in mind, whilst others morph into other ideas and projects, and some turn our just perfect. It's strange looking back over the four years of archives I have here, and seeing how private I've become. My whole relationship with B. Boy seems to be quite highly published, as well as my somewhat dramatic ups and downs in life (both written and photographically). I guess I stopped writing here due to the fact that people that I actually know now visit this website, and sometimes it can be weird knowing that people have silently read your thoughts. Photos on the other hand... It's always been a bit of a guessing game trying to interpret some of my images. Still, as I seldom write any more, it'd be nice to have an ongoing collection of textual memories for my sake, and perhaps for your enjoyment.

This is part of a little project I've started. It deceptively looks quite fluffy and soppy, but the images to come are a little kinky. I wish I had the money (and my own house) to print some rather large prints to put on my own walls. Still, it is my birthday soon after all. Coming onto that subject, I'm not sure what to do this year. Mama has paid for Hilton & I to go to Rome with Simona which I absolutely cannot wait for. It's only for four days but we'll have to forego sleep in order to cram in as much exploring as possible. Whilst Hilton is more interested in the tourist ventures (which I do genuinely want to see too), I am more interested in quiet exploring and taking photos in the secluded areas. Aside from playing tourist it'll be great to meet Simona's family (even Osso the dog) and her ultra cool gay husband. Ah, there's nothing I like more than a dysfunctional family unit!


I should have guessed it. I hadn't heard from my old friend, Sir Tonsillitis for a couple of months, so it was no surprise when he came knocking on my door late last night looking to take up residence in my throat. He's such an inconsiderate guest though - headaches, night fevers, aching body, that intense pain in my throat. Damn him! I've asked the doctors to remove the tonsils (this is now the seventh time in one year!) but they refuse to under the guise that apparently they don't do it anymore on the NHS. So it looks like I'm destined for a life-long relationship with Little Miss Penicillin.

(Simona & her tarot cards)