October 15th, 2003

(no subject)

(I’M IN IT!)

I’m not a fan of using computers in busy places. Everywhere I go there are ten people waiting for a computer, which makes it incredibly hard for me to write down any thoughts online, or just simply soak up any creativity through the people I like to watch. Uni is better than it was in the first week, as I know longer feel 100% loser. There are two nice, down to earth girls on my course who are just.. faultless (so far), but they live at a different campus. Which is annoying.

My first project has been set and I am a bit hesitant after I found that I am one of very few to come from the course I did, instead of studying for another year or two. Whilst this does make me feel quite special, I’m still very scared that these people have had more experience and I will end up looking silly with my so-called photos. Basically, I’m just very nervous to share any of my work given the subject content (naked people, questions about gender and sexuality, etc.)

My new computer won’t arrive for at least two weeks, which makes it very hard to get some work done when I have the time to (ie – after a lecture, even though the uni shuts a 5. How stupid.) I haven’t made as many friends as I thought may be an option to, but I do have Rob to help me along, so it’s all good (well, it is for today, at least). My poor mama is going out of her mind seeing as I moved out when she was not in the country and she is fussing over buying me toaster bags and other strange inventions to make sure I eat properly (uhm).

Until next time.