September 28th, 2003

(no subject)

köln ßß life here is has a subtle difference that makes me think of tastebuds. like, if some people stuck their tongue out to this german air, they would taste nothing, but another person might feel this certain spice that i do. things are pleasant -- people in bars do not leer at you, and the people on the streets may slightly observe the presence of a non-white guy, but it´s nothing like what i expect in england. it is hard not to feel comfortable, although i make it hard for myself and sometimes convince myself that i can´t step out of that door.

in short, i think i´d like to live here.. if i spoke german.

i have taken so few photos. perhaps .. 30 in total? i am not sure why. i see things, but it doesn´t feel right. i see people and i feel as if i am invading their space, something i don´t often feel even in my own country.

but hey, i´m flying home tomorrow.. to unpack, wash, and repack in preparation for moving to university.

i´d like some moving in presents, you know. :)