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quesstions [17 Sep 2003|08:50pm]
[.] do i keep visua.foto or do i create a static portfolio? but then i am constantly creating. but static content looks neater, but i'll never narrow down my images to those that i love best.

[.] do i book tickets to goldfrapp even though i am already into my overdraft and haven't started university yet?

[.] how am i going to survive? after paying my rent i will have £250 left to survive on, for a whole term. i also need to buy equipment.

[.] do i go to russia (if it goes ahead), or don't i? knowing that there will be lots of drug taking and alcoholic hedonism around high flying band members. but this could do for great photographs, despite the awkwardness of it all.

[.] do i choose the red china, or the blue?

jesus, help me.
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